focus areas

To provide the means by which patients can take charge of their own health and do their own healing, and to educate our patients on alternative approaches to healing and longevity.
We are an integrative medical clinic focusing on:

Orthomolecular Medicine

The use of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and hormones for health maintenance.

Orthopaedic Medicine

The use of manipulation and injection techniques to treat soft-tissue lesions which affect conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, fibrositis, back pain, lumbago, sciatica, frozen shoulders, tennis elbow, strained wrists, sprained ankles, aches, sprains, inflammation, and sports injuries.

Chelation Therapy

Generally, the term chelation therapy applies to. E.D.T.A. (ethylenediamine tetracidic acid) chelation. The treatment rids the body of heavy metals and is used to treat many diseases such as chest pain (angina), poor circulation, poor memory, stroke (recovery and prevention), reduced immunity, and fatigue. Over 3000 patients have received treatment.